Road to Doctoral. Preparing English requirement

 Hi. I wanna try to improve my ability in english writing. My senior said that my english writing is so messy. It will be obstacle to me, because the ability in english writing is the essential skill i must capable in. I also need this to get the suitable score for submit scholarship. But the first thing i must decide is, which english tes should i take to? TOEFL ITP, TOEFL IBT, or IELTS?

Of course, i wanna choose TOEFL ITP because it is the cheapest than another. But actually, get the minimum score is not easy. I will not take TOEFL IBT because i think it's rather confusing for me to understand. So, i'll try to study IELTS. 


Because i think that it is more practical and fun to learn. I try to improve my ability in listening with english song and podcast, read journal and summarize it, writing english like this, and try to speak english as many as i can.

Take simulation test is not enough for me!

Of course, is not as simple as that. I realize when i took listening and reading IELTS simulation in https://ieltsonlinetests.com/ , my score become varies, but still not achieve minimum requirement score. The listening and reading section in IELTS harder than TOEFL's listening and reading section. But i am optimistic could achieve my target. I just need to take intensive course. Not only to get the mentor that will guide me with some strategies to get higher band score, but also to push me to strict to the study time. 

Where to take intensive course?

There are so many options for me to take course, both online and offline. I choose online course which more suitable with my condition. There are so many online courses for IELTS offer in social media. Surely i choose the cheapest and the most credible one. Because i have experience for taking IELTS simulation test on Lister, so i choose it for my course. I also take another course in myskill. I choose it because it is the cheapest course of IELTS i've ever known entire Instagram, hehe. In the next post i will review both courses.

Implemented the skill on my real life

Learn using website and take course just not enough. I believe that language skill is about habit. That's why i should use my English regularly to maintain and improve my English skill. For the first time, i feel hard to enjoy podcasts or videos, read journals or articles in English, but I push myself to enjoy it. Alhamdulillah, my English listening and reading turn better and it helps me also to rich my insight and knowledge in my expertise.

I have tried to upgrade my speaking and writing skill. I try to improve my speaking by talking English regularly with friend or just self-talk, haha! My writing skill seems so bad, like you see in this post, but i tried to write my thoughts in English and have a tutor for correcting my writing. My English language journey still so far, but i will enjoy this process...

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