Covid-19 and Our Respect

Hmm, actually i tried to write about this, because i have many thought that i need to share about my life during pandemic Covid-19, and i need to improve my writing in english too. I'm sorry if there will be a lot of mistake, because i have limitation in languange skill. I just depend on google translate while  write this. Hehe..

This year maybe the worst year for the world. Covid-19 (Corona Virus Dengue 2019) has haunted entire world. It provides many lessons to everyone. I don't wanna talk about history, conspracy, or issue about this virus. I just wanna said that this virus taught us to respect for everything. Respect for our health, family, religion, and country. Covid-19 teaches us to:

1. Respect cleanliness. Because it is the part of faith.

How many people that have a good religion routine that not respect about health? I'm the one. I'm tipically mess person. I'm careless too, i'm so easy going until this pandemic comes to Indonesia. Now i'm concern about washing hand, using mask, cough ethics, and all about family health. During this pandemic, i need an extra treatment to maintain my family health. Even though I know Allah will guard me and my family. But, if i'm still careless and arrogant with this viruses, i'm afraid that Allah dont want guard me and my family again. Because He dont like arrogant and stupid person.

2. Respect our mental health.

Information about Covid-19 was so massive and always be the headline every hour. Inevitable, everybody were anxious about this virus. If there's a thriller movie about zombie or endemic, now this happend to the real world! How can we calm?!

But we know, if we are too anxious, our immunity will be lower, and we are easier to get sick. Yeah, it's hard to be calm during this pandemic, but we must respect our mental health. Watch and read news sufficiently. Stay at home. Live your work and pray. Trust that Allah still beside us and guard us.

3. Respect others

To whom said that Corona is a doom and China has cursed. No, it is happend to whole world, not just China. To whom said that Corona is a conspiracy to lower our faith. Oh, how low you think about faith.

Covid-19 is temptation for everybody. We dont have capacity to cursed others. This is the right time to pray deeper and closer to Allah. Even though we can't pray in worship place for a momment, but there's a reason to do that. Remember that enemy we face now is invisible creatures that spread quickly. It more stressful than the thriller movie ever!

4. Respect about destiny

It's hurt to know how many doctors and nurse died during this Covid-19 pandemic. We could be angry for ignorant people that so selfish not quarantine their self. But remember, our life have already written on Lauhul Mahfudz. World still need the selfish and toxic people to balance the world. Like or not like. Just make sure you are not one of them.

5. Respect government

The point 1 until 4 is all about ourself. If we could do that four respect, there will be no problem to do this. Respect government.

Okay you are the opposite, you don't agree with the government. But please, it's not time for blame government. We must be unite to fight the pandemic. Trust and respect tbe government. No matter how disappointed you with the government, but trust that government still have the great people who serve their best for citizen.

'Respect', is a simple word that will simplify our life. We could make a great immunity to our body, healthy mental health, and being blessed. Yeah, we must afraid only with Allah, but remember, we had endowed with logic to identify the danger. Respect. Respect. Respect.

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